Infant Warmer with Phototherapy - UON-03F

Rp. 127.658.000

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Unit of Newborn Warming-up with Phototherapy Function

770х1150х1950 mm

Overall dimensions, max (without roating components)

Power supply from AC mains (220±22) V / 50 Hz

Power consumed, max 1000 VA

Temperature measurement error within the no more than ±0,3 ° range of + 35 ° to + 38 °

Automatic temperature no more than ±1 ° maintenance accuracy

Temperature adjustment step 0,1 °С

Radiance wave length 465 nm

Blue light radiation intensity, min 1200 W/cm2

Weight no more than 70 kg

Phototherapy session time From 0 to 99 h 59 min

Light intensity at the patient’s level 500 lux

Distance from radiator to bed 850±50 mm

Time of continuous operation, min 4 days and nights

Unit UON-03F «Axion» is designed to carry out phototherapy sessions for curing the neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and/or warm up a newborn in intensive therapy rooms of maternity and children’s hospitals.

This Unit may be used for the following:

- phototherapy session for curing the neonatal


- warming-up session;

- phototherapy session simultaneously

- with warming-up session.

The heat radiation source is an infrared ceramic heater with the wavelength in the range of 2 to 10 m . The light sources for the hyperbilirubinemia treatment are blue light-emitting diodes with the light wavelength of (465±15)nm.

The unit alarm system generates alarm signals in following cases:

Unauthorized cutoff of the mains voltage of 220V, 50Hz;

Faults in the skin temperature sensor circuit;

Patient’s skin temperature is over 38,5 ° ;

Patient’s skin temperature deviation is more than ±1 °С.

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