Electro cardio graph - EK3TC-3.6-04

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Three-Channel Electrocardiograph
EK3TC-3/6-04 «Axion»

This electrocardiograph is designed to acquire the electrocardiograms (ECG) in manual or automatic operation modes from twelve conventional leads as well as from the Neb and Cabrera lead systems. When in manual operation mode, the selected lead groups and service information are recorded. The average values of HR and R-R intervals, maximum and minimum R-R values, their difference and ratio are recorded at the end of this process. When in automatic mode, all lead groups are recorded simultaneously by three or six channels. At the end of recording, the results of automatic ECG parameter analysis are printed out as follows: P wave duration; PQ, QRS, QT, QTc intervals; angle of deflection of AQRS electrical axis, ST-segment drift and heart-rate variability conclusion.

Input voltage rage from 0.03 to 10 mV

Sensitivity, mm/mV 2,5; 5; 10; 20

Paper speed selection, mm/sec. 12,5; 25; 50

Bandwidth, Hz from 0.05 to 100

Input impedance, MOhm 10 min

Common-mode rejection ratio 100000 min

Paper width 112mm

Power supply:

vehicle power supply from 10 to 15V

built-in battery 9.6V, 2.0 A*h

Overall dimensions 260 195 65 mm

Weight 1,7 kg

Electric Safety class I, type CF

Sampling rate 8000 Hz/channelS

TFT display:

size 5.6’’

resolution 640*480 dots

Internal memory designed for 64 ECGsdd

The recorded ECGs may be transmitted to a PC through the USB port for analyzing and storage. The recorded ECGs may be also transmitted by phone. The Electrocardiograph controls proper application of the electrodes automatically, and it detects patient’s pacemakers (displays an appropriate message and pulse characters). The Electrocardiograph is equipped with digital filters (power supply, anti-tremor, anti-drift) of an ECG signal.

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